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Alive Credit Union® reserves the right to determine if a submitted image is acceptable for use. All images must have the consent of the owner including those downloaded from the internet.

The following are examples of strictly prohibited image uses:

  • Material that could infringe on the copyright or trademark rights of another party, including branded products, abbreviations, acronyms, logos, or related symbols.
  • Images or content demonstrating views of anti-social, political, or religious groups.
  • Images that could be perceived as violent, including cruelty to humans or animals, profanity, or obscenities.
  • Images of individuals or groups conducting themselves or involving criminal or illegal activities, including gambling.
  • Libelous, derogatory, provocative, sexually explicit, or other content we deem offensive, including racial, prejudicial, or discriminatory subject matters, "hate speech," or socially unacceptable groups (gangs).
  • No nude or semi-nude images of adults or children.
  • Celebrities such as actors, musicians, athletes, or cartoons. (Exceptions to this prohibition include permission-based photos of you, your family members, or friends taken with a famous person.)
  • Any references to the Olympic Games or events.
  • Commercial solicitation or promotional material.
  • Use of addresses, phone numbers, personalized identification numbers, and URL addresses.
If you have any questions regarding the appropriateness of an image, please contact us at 904.296.1292 (or toll-free at 866.317.4228).
Accessibility Statement U.S. Patent Nos. 7,931,199 and 7,946,490 are used under license.