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  • How much does it cost for a personalized design card?
    Customers receive two FREE personalized card design per year, per cardholder. If you wish to change the picture on your card more than this allotment, a production fee of $5 could apply.
  • How long will the process take before my new card is ready for pickup?
    Once the new card design is submitted, the typical decision time is a maximum of one (1) business hour. Once the design is approved the card can be created at any of our branches.
  • Will my new card have the same account number, expiration date and PIN?
    Your card number will remain the same, however, the expiration date will change.
  • Will my account number, expiration date, and PIN change each time I change my design?
    Once you've personalized your card, any future card requests will keep the same card number. The expiration date may change.
  • What happens if my card design is rejected?
    You will receive an email containing information as to why the image could not be used.
  • How often can I change my personalized card design?
    You may change your card image as often as you like. Just remember that production charges may apply.
  • Can the joint owner of my account have a different card design?
    Yes. The joint owner or authorized user of an account may have a different design for the same card type. Please note the production charge for each card.
  • I have two checking accounts, can I get two different images?
    Yes! Each debit card can have a different image.
  • What if I have a personalized card that is on the old card type (i.e. Non EMV chip) will there be a charge for getting another personalized card?
    No, all customers receiving new EMV enabled Visa Debit Card will not be charged a production fee.
  • How secure is the design website?
    Our site is secured with 2,048-bit encryption and meets VeriSign (the security certificate authority) Extended Verification process to protect our members.
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