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  • I don't have a Cornerstone Bank Visa ® (or even an account for that matter).
    Can I design my card and apply online at the same time?

    No, you will need to come in to one of our locations in Watonga, Geary, or Mustang to apply in person.
  • How much does it cost for a personalized design card?
    There is a production fee of $10.
  • How long will it take to receive my new card?
    Once the new card design and/or services are approved, the typical delivery time is 1-3 business days.
  • Will my new card have the same card number, expiration date and PIN?
    Your Visa Check Card number will remain the same, however, the expiration date will change and when you call in to activate your new card you will the option to select a new PIN.
  • Will my card number, expiration date, and PIN change each time I change my design?
    Any future card requests will keep the same number, however, the expiration date could change and when you call in to activate your new card you will have the option to select a new PIN.
  • What happens if my card design is rejected?
    You will be contacted via email by Cornerstone Bank explaining that it is necessary for you to submit another card design, and the reason why.
  • How often can I change my personalized card design?
    You can change your card image as often as you like. Just remember that production charges apply.
  • Can the joint owner of my account have a different card design?
    Yes. The joint owner or authorized user of an account may have a different design for the same card type. Please note the production charge for each card.
  • My card looks and feels different, will merchants accept it?
    Yes, your new un-embossed Visa card may look and feel different, but it is a valid card that can be accepted at any Visa merchant location which has an electronic terminal.
  • How secure is the design website?
    Our site is secured with 2,048-bit encryption and meets GlobalSign (the security certificate authority) Extended Verification process.
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